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what is the correct answer for Puck's age????

i've tried each of them!!!!!!!!! i reset my game SO MANY TIMES!!!

You'll unlock it later, there is no correct answer until you get to the end.

How do I get the scene with Duchess?

go save the lion first 

find Luna and larn the fenline spell ,then use to Duch  

hope you put ankha from animal crossing

and yuumi from league of legends

The text box for the rocky cliff minigame is bugged and won't go away so I can't complete it.

I'm not encountering any issue, can you show me a screenshot or some footage?

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This is all that shows up, "click to start minigame" shows up but after clicking the text box doesn't close. I can take more screenshots if needed.

Which version of the game are you playing?

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Should be the newest version. I am just playing on the web browser version so that might be it. I probably should've said that already lol. Update I downloaded the most recent version but it still didn't work aka the windows 64 bit. 

That's very odd. I have not received any reports except this one of this bug and I am not able to reproduce it myself. I'm really not sure what to do about it.

how do I unlock NYancy 3rd  images


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well , get the catnaip  form Nyancy at the first  , go fuck rose  and when back Nyancy  .incitve Nyancy  have sex with you { tell her you fuck grece}

when will there be android version of this cause im super interested on this.

Выйдет на андроид?


So how do I unlock Fia Anal?

Talk to her, then make the following choices

Ask for sex. I dunno. Am not! Not true. Wait! I dunno. Offer dick. Make her beg. Actually, I was...

Is there a way to switch back and forth between islands?

Not yet, but in the next major update, you will be able to.

I got the opal, 4 flowers and a sapphire, how do I finish the game?

The final part of the game is in development.

how do i return to south Island

You will be able to in the next major update.

I got a question how do you get to the other side? Of the Island


You mean from Southern to Northern?

Damn, that's was hot

When is the android version out

There's no android version in development.

how do I get duchess “in the mood” I tried feline seduction and it failed

damn, i give my respects for making the game compatible with 32 bits. it may look like it's a waste of time but there actually are people who still use it

im still stuck with the 20wood and rope quest..

just choose easy , 

are there any news on the 3rd part?


Hopefully, this is the last bug fix patch released.
Starting to work on the conclusion of the story.

are there any plans for voices? or maybe even just sounds during the scenes?

There is no plan for those.

How to beat "into the ocean"? Always then I avoid or hit wave (tried both) minigame pauses?? It doesn't end nor continue Idk what to do.


You need to survive until the the timer is out.

I forgot to mention that when I avoid or hit a wave, the whole minigame freezes, and minigame doesn't end or waves don't move

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That is not something I'm encountering on my end.
Which version are you playing?

I can see from the video that this isn't the most recent version. Can you play the most recent version and try again?

Updated it to 2.1.2, and still the same result.

How do you unlock the Ravine Edge?

How can I copy the archive from one device of the same platform to another device of the same platform?

What do you mean by "archive"?

I changed to a new device, and I want to copy the progress played on the old device to the new device to continue playing, but I can only play it again, and I cannot continue to play the previous progress.

You can find the save data at "%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\TAD _ Side B\Feline Fantasies", and if it doesn't work "%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\TAD & Side B\Feline Fantasies".
When transferring from a computer to another, just make sure to move those files on that folder on destination.

Thank you, I will try it later.

Both devices are Windows platform.

Deleted 48 days ago

Likely not I'm afraid.

Sadly it says Read-only file system :p well, you did say it wasn't guaranteed to work so it's fine.

Is there a plan to make an android version? That would be superb

No- if they did they would have to rebuild the game from scratch since it wasn't made with Mobile devices in mind :p so im pretty sure Maybe...just maybe in the futur after they finish the game then they might consider a Mobile version

that makes sense. Don't know much about code but I do know it's gotta be difficult to rewrite the entire game. It's a bummer tho cause I got a chrome book, unfortunately 😅


loving it great work

Thank you!

will we have to pay for the game at some point


No, the game is free.

That is good to know thanks and keep making amazing games 

what they do to my boi litten.

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How do I unlock Medea's sex scenes?

Edit: nevermind I figured it out. Now how do I unlock anal with fia?


Do you intend to one day create a version for android?

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

If you look at my comment Side B says the file type doesn't run

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Is there going to be a apk file version.

I tried once and it wouldn't run, unfortunately.

That's quite odd. 

at some point could you add more cats


they will in the update after the main storyline is finished

When will the new update be out?


A new update will likely be ready this month, but will be more about reworking the minigames than continuing the story, which will come next.

will there be a text reader in the game?


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How do I go back to southern ruby island and is there a way to unlock Puck in the gallery? 

No you cant go back to southern ruby island

Yes, you need to play the game until the end and then you can talk with Puck.

He will say that he lost something important and you need to find it

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Thanks! Also,  do you know what the answer to the riddle "Koun / Bombay / Upside-down / Tea and biscuits? 

How to unlock anal with Fia. And how to unlock blowjob with Browni

I forgot what to do with Fia but for Brownie, you need to act more dominate, just make sure you do it correctly.

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Ty for help, but. I need to know how to unlock anal with Fia

nvm, i just did it

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wait how? and what do I say to get the blowjob?


Hurry up and change the Linux file name from Feline Fantasies.x86_64 to FelineFantasies.x86_64, Linux can NOT read the space in the file, And it messes it up making it unable to launch


you havnt fixed this in 80 days and its getting annoying


It will be fixed alongside the next update. Be patient.

Just use quotation marks man


Please do an android release

The problem is that Feline Fantasies was not made with mobile function in mind. Making an Android release means rebuilding the game from the ground up. It would take a terribly long time. Right now, we're focusing on actually finishing the game. 

I can't say that's exactly what it is.  There is a game called Forest of Love. The developers have put up an android version on Patreon. It's also made on Unity. Yes, it's still very far from perfect, but it works, and that's fine. I wish you could make a game for android as well...


It is possible to simply generate an Android build, but it simply won't work as is. There are a lot of technical limitations to overcome such as memory and UI, especially when it comes to minigames. Making an Android build would require a lot of work.


how do you do anal with fia?

Deleted 189 days ago


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