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I was originally expecting a poorly made game tbh. But I wax DEFINITELY surprised. Is it sad that this game has better story than most games I know?


how do i get the second scene of brownie?


Any plan for android release?


probably not


when is the next update?


prob a few months from now


Beat everything I could so far. Very cute! Hope to see whats next~♥

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How do you get the sex scenes with Rosie?

you need to talk with nyancy to get the catnip and then offer it to rosie, which will also unlock the extra scene for nyancy if you need more help my discord is Han_solo1003#1183 shoot me a friend req I'd be happy to help out ^^

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I'm currently stuck. I just learned about feline seduction from Luna and and I'm at an impass on what to do now cause all dialog I have leads to dead ends. do i start just using it on cats? (i have done everything i can with nala)


Han_solo1003#1183 shoot me a friend req if you still need help I'd be happy to help out

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Han_solo1003#1183 shoot me a friend req if you still need help I'd be happy to help out

I love this game! But I travel a lot and can't take my computer with me. Will there be a mobile version?

The game was not built with mobile UI in mind, unfortunately.

the end of the chapter got me crying a little bit... pls make a happy end

there will be ^^ (as far as I know anyway XD)

kinda stuck on gracie.

Han_solo1003#1183 shoot me a friend req I'd be happy to help out


Anybody know a furry visual novel where the male mc got a demon book and the demon is control his mom as a vessel but not dead

Book of Lust by KanashiiPanda I think is what you're referring to.

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just asking.

 at the end of the game, puck says that he loves you and you say that you love him too since the first time you came to the Island. but the first time you where there, the curse didnt exist. so puck was still a male. does that mean that i am gay ?


Eh... Will there be a port to android... 

Does anyone know how to seduce puck I've been trying for hours =_=

First you must find a stone in a mountain and then you will see that puk is not there and you must find it on the beach

ok thanks

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did you get it to work?? If you didnt I could help. discord is Han_solo1003#1183 if you want shoot me a friend req

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Can I know how to get Nyancy's second scene? I've seen the whole scene(with Nothern Ruby Island), but I didn't get it. I know I can't back Northern -> Southern, but I have a save file in Southern. I made an account because I want to know it. Thank you for reading.

instead of doing the scene you get when you first talk with her, instead just talk and get the catnip. After giving that to rosie and telling nyancy that, there is another different scene. If you do that, it will also give you access to the original scene

does anyone know how to continue after having sex with nala?  I got stuck there and I don't know how to continue

do you have the feline seduction skill? If not, go to Luna.


when is gana be next update


It may take a few months from now.

@sideB do you know how to progress from here I'm tryna move forwards but its been saying that  i have nothing more to explore and how do i pass this to have the scenes with the others on this island or do i have to play browser version?

The browser and downloadable versions are the same.
If you have unlocked the scene with everything, you've seen everything this current version has to offer and we're working to finish the game.

ok then thanks for the response

just checking you got the opal right??

is that the book?

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no the endgame gem to finish version 2's storyline. after you unlock the sex scene with puck you get the location and swim down under the ocean to find it. You DID get the sex scenes with all the felines right?? If you need some help I'd be down to give you a hand (Han_solo1003#1183 if you want shoot me a friend req)

Alright ima send you one right now

im stuck on what to do after getting that moon flower

Bring it back to Mittens.

are there any games similar to this

Not that I know, hence why I made my own. XD

:0 tad motivation revealed

im struggling on getting the rope can you give me a hint on how to get it ive been stuck on it for a good while then what do do after

also is there any way to access the past sex scene or a way to re do them

load the save file, go to main menu then click on gallery. you will find there: artwork of the characters you unlocked but also a 'replay yiff' button

thanks but do you know what to do when you get to the second island  and what to do to be able to fuck the rest?

*note: if I tell you to say something then you continue till you finish the dialogue*

to get to the second island you need to: 1. tell Rosie she is a ray of sunshine.

2. go to Gracie and ask her to talk to Medea for Rosie, then bring her the materials(20 wood and 10 rope).

3. talk to Medea and ask her to help you get to the northern ruby island, then ask Gracie the same thing to "convince her".

4. go back and ask Medea to help you, then you will be able to explore more and find northen peaks.

DISCLAIMER: if you need hints for answers try chatting with the felines, also you cant look at the hints while in the quiz!

5.  bring Medea back the ruby, then ask her again to help you.

6. go to ravine edge cross the bridge(*make sure you don't have unfinished business before*)

7. have fun! ;)

can you get back to the first island

Not at this time.


Wow, I came into this game without really expecting much, but the more I played, especially from the second island, the more I got invested. And the Puck scene just knocked it out of the park. Perhaps the only thing that felt a bit weird for me was the Feline Seduction, cause to know what to do you first have to fail, which for me just somewhy doesn't sit right, even if all the inhabitants don't care that you just tried to seduce them. Oh yeah, and you probably need to change the Puck dialogue after you spent the night together.

When playing on browser Duchess's Feline Seduction route has a failed image in part 5 of the story. The failed image makes the game unplayable. 

Other than that it's a fantastic game. The stories are well written and the images were made well. 


What do you mean by "failed image"?

shows up with this icon in the top left

And the area where the game would be blue screens 

I'm afraid I am not able to replicate your issue.

maybe it’s just me then?


Will it Ever be an Android/Mobile Version of this?


Unlikely as it would require a lot of optimization and to rebuild the whole UI system for tiny screens and big fingers.

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Side B, i found a way to play the game, and i rate it 1000/10, im not gonna compliment a specific scene, i just love the whole thing. i played the game 3 times already.  I like the way Litten is drawn tho, is my favorite pokemon next to Espeon, 

anyway, great game, cant wait for the next major update!

if yall want, yall can add Chi from Chi's Sweet Home to this game eventaully

I'm very glad you found a way to play. I wonder how you resolve your issue.

i took the Feline Fantasies file and moved it somewhere else, that way it let me change the name and also let me run it via linux terminal


bro i just played this game and all i have to say is that it is a chef's kiss, the sex, the characters, and the romance is beautiful i really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next update, i hope its soon.


I'm hoping a more special bond happens later on when we find out we're having litters with all the felines~ <3


Can you please make a android version?

Deleted 292 days ago

thank you so much for the praising words! I really appreciate it! <3

i  dont even care about the NSFW scenes, just trying to play it because its visual novle, pokemon, cats, and litterally has ALLLL of my favorite characters in the animes and games i played as a kid. to bad god wants to tease me and make it so i have 0 way to play it.


atm in laying on my bed wit my 2 sleepin cats :D

i found a problem with the Linux download, since the Space in between feline and fantasies in the file name is making the linux think the words are 2 different files, how about removing the space? that way in the file name it says FelinFantasies and not Feline Fantasies. would be nice for the next update.

I can do that.

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how do i g et gracie AND madea to work to gether and great game to❤∞


You need to convince Gracie after asking Medea to help you cross. You do this simply by having sex with her. You unlock this option after you help Gracie with repairs to her house and after you've helped out Rosie by talking with Gracie about her problem. Once done, go back to Medea, she'll give you the option to explore for the ruby. Get the ruby, go back to Medea again and you'll be able to progress from there.

ty now i have unlocked a lot ty

were do i find the ruby


Good game :3

yea..i bet it bad i cant play ;-;

play it in pc


I just finished the game to where it is now and i have to say this game has everything. It has beautiful pictures with the characters in them changing their emotions to what they feel at that moment. The music also gives of this tropical island vibe which i find perfectly in this game. It also has many moment where it made me laugh and smile, but it also has these emotional moments where they tell the story and it just blend all these things together to a game which has it all. Of course it has these intimate moments where you can observe the feelings these characters share :P . I dearly enjoyed it and i am really exited for the next major story update. Respect to the creators for making this game.  :D

Thanks a lot for your considerable commentary! Reviews like these are scarce and I enjoy reading them whenever I come across one! :3 I'm really happy to know how much you've enjoyed the game so far! A lot of work and love was poured into it and it makes me feel accomplished knowing that people experience this within the game itself!

We promise to make the next major update worth your while! It won't be as big as Northern, but it will complete the story part of the game, which I am really excited for! It means that I can say that the game's mainline story is officially done and that's a goal that I've had ever since I started this project! Thanks for playing and take care, Diamond. <3

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i used to be able to play in browser but the 2.0.4 patch made it so it froze my laptop and since i dont have linux,mac, or windows i cant download it and play that way

That is concerning since the last patch only changed some text.


Epic ngl

You are epic, ngl

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