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I want to get to the other side i fucked everyone.I need help


Talk to Medea and Gracie. They will help you cross.

Please recommend games similar to this one. I will be extremely grateful to you.


I don't know any. Hence why I made my own.

furry 101




Can we have it on Android?


Unlikely I'm afraid.


If not guess ill move on. Only reason i was watching the updates was for a release i can actually play without having to go drop a grand on a pc.

I've fully completed the north island I think, I just can't figure out the clues for the life of me

The clues are for two of the questions on the quiz to get the Ruby. One is a female sign with a royal crown and a cat, indicating that a female cat is called a queen.

The other is Koun, which is the Japanese word for good fortune, followed with Up-side down (Australia) and Tea and Biscuits (UK). Which of the countries black cats are considered good fortune? All of the answers (Japan, Australia and the UK).


anthro version please?

Sorry to disappoint. It'll all stay feral. That's what I like personally. 

Ok first off, I love the game! I have gotten all the sex scenes for the first six characters. I am in the process of finding the ruby to get to the northern part of the island. I saw on a previous comment that there was an update planned for this year so I was wondering if we have to download the game again when it updates of if our version will automatically update, I kinda don’t wanna lose all my progress.

You will have to download the new version, but your save file will carry over.

Oh great! I’m glad I can keep the save file.

I spoke to all the felines and I can't find nala, how do we find her? 

and why when we find the book is it 50% from the start?

You can find Nala by asking Puck for help.

You mean the Microchip? It is 50% from the start because you've been roaming around on Southern Ruby Island before. You can restore your Microchip to 100% at Blair. 

So I played this game yesterday and overall its a fine game but I have two things that need fixing. 1. how do I access the gallery? 2. how do I load previously saved game data if i left the site and came back? I'm only asking bc there is no gallery button I seen and there is no  "load game" button in the main menu. Please help i put hours into the game and I think my data was deleted.

To access the gallery, load a game and then go back to the main menu.
If your save file is missing, then it was somehow deleted off the browser cache.
This is something that may happen and we have no control over it. I would recommend to use the downloadable version.

Alr, Thank you, ill also check my cache just incase, it would suck if i had to restart hours of work.

Ok, so i downloaded it but how do I run it

Which version have you downloaded?

windows 64 bit

Then you simply have to extract the zip file and execute Feline Fantasies.exe.

I love this game so much, when do you expect to publish the next update?

Sometimes this year.

tengo problemas con el juego, no abre, no sale error ni nada, entro, carga un rato y do eso, y despues, se cierra o deja de responder, ¿alguien tiene alguna forma de ayudarme? se lo agradeceria

Hola! Estas jugando el juego en el navegador web? Si es así, intente descargar el juego. Esto puede solucionar el problema! 

How can I unlock rosie's screen?

Get catnip from Nyancy

<<(spoilers for people who haven't made it to the other side of the ravine)>>

I'm fully aware of the irony of comparing the Christian Bible to a crossover hentai game, but the monologue you give to Luna to help her forgive herself about her human dying (which was far out of her control anyway) is just a paraphrased version of Job 38. And I personally find it hilarious. Like, if you look at the things you say to her in that scene, and then you look at Job 38:4-7, it is anything but subtle. And by that I mean when the creators of this game were writing the dialogue to cheer up a black cat into eventually having hot sex with you, they deemed it necessary to draw on "the power of the word of the sword of the spirit" to make darn sure the words had power. In all honesty, it worked. The poetry is in fact quite vivid, moving, even, given the context. But just know that according to a 6,000-year-old religious text, the creator of the universe had a strikingly similar exchange with a wealthy merchant named Job when berating him for thinking he had the wisdom to understand the inner workings of the mind of God. And the creators of a furry porn game thought the verbal imagery was useful for the character arc of a magical and extremely horny cat. Well done, guys. THAT is something I can respect. Props.

Also Nyancy is best girl. The fact that she just wants to be friends at first, but grows so close to you over her character arc that she asks to have her first time with you is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in hentai, period. Huge kudos to the writers, programmers, animators, artists, editors and everyone else who's working on this amazing project for knowing and proving that wholesomeness can be the sexiest thing of all. You legends are getting my Tiger level Patreon subscription as soon as this comment is posted. I am beyond hyped for the rest of this story! I wish everyone who reads this a very happy 2023!

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I need to know how to unlock the edge of the ravine

You unlock it by getting the Ruby. You get the ruby by completing a quiz, you unlock the quiz by helping out both Medea and Gracie. Hope this helps you! :3

does someone know how to import my save file from a old game folder to the new game folder ? i dont know how the save state name is called and i dont want to play from the start again. maybe someone can help me with that problem :) 

I hope this helps. 
Assuming you're on Windows.

how do you get to the northern island

You need to get the ruby! Help out Medea and Gracie and you should be able to complete it. :3

Ive been so excited for this game! question, how do you actually play the feline seduction minigame???

At certain point, a new "Feline Seduction" button will appear above certain feline's name. You can click on it.

How do I unlock the scene with espeon and the other pokemon

Also can I go back to the southern area?

you can't as far as i'm aware.

Had a nice story to it and overall good (and sexy) characters


yeah, can't wait for the ending tho, but they have to take their time. they deserve rest too.

I don't mind the waiting for the ending, they can take as much time as they need to perfect it.



how to unlock eavine edge ttho?

I saw the Linux icon when I was browsing and went "oh wow, they have an Android Build? I've been meaning to play this, more convenient" then to realize I'm just stupid XD 


i trully like this project, and i hope you guys and/or girls enjoy making this

I for some reason cant do the rocky cliffs minigame and I don't know if its me or something about the game if anyone has any ideas or a solution I would be thankful

It would be helpful to provide more details on that.

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the text box is in the way of the pickaxe option and when ever i clicked on the mining section of the minigame nothing happens

Hmm, you're the second person to report this so far. Have you tried to update your graphic card driver?

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no because I don't have the money for one at the moment

No, not the card itself. The card's driver.

Is ther going to be an android compatible version

bro i did the nala quest now what i talked to all the felines and yet the story doesnt progress i finished till the 1st nala adventure then im stuck


So hot

Thank you! :3

i'm stuck at the northern ruby island, i don't know what to do. i have learned feline seduction, but i don't know what to do now. can someone please help me

You can use Feline Seduction to open up different paths with the different felines. Try it out on the felines and see what happens. 

how do i get nala

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how do i get passed the ravine?

ps i did it! :D


Guy will there be an android version for this masterpiece



can you help me? i'm stuck at northern ruby island. i have feline seduction, but i don't know what to do now.

rosie is confusing no other character can help me find what she needs how do I fuck her

You have to explore some more and find the Pokemon felines then talk to Medea i Think her name is and help rebuild Gracie's house, then talk to Rosie again, and say 'you look cute' and it will continue. I believe...

You fuck her by getting catnip. You get catnip from Nyancy. 


are there any plans to make a android version

What do they mean by  "Original animations ",except the intro animation there is no animation!

"Original animations and a little bit of voice acting at the intro"
That's specifically the intro.


I mean most people expect by animations that you actually animated the scenes not the intro and all minor parts,still a good game

how to open the third scene with fia?????

Does the game end after getting the opal or is there another update after it?

There will be another update in the future. We are actively working on it.

How can I get to the North Island? I've taken all the southern islands

Will it be possible to wait for the game in Russian?


We do not have plans nor the resources to translate the game in Russian.

Recently, a new naughty cat has appeared in Pokemon Of course you understand, right?

who is the horniest character 



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It takes a long time ,finally !I unlock all the scenes , Welcome to ask  me anything about this game

how can you get puck's scene

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you need have sex with all cats at  second  lsland then ask puck (are  you happy ?)

next find  Luna and where to find puck .

  complete the  last mission too  unlock  it


Why is Puck the best cat in the game?

bc puck

how do i get Medea

 get the  lemon pie form beowine . try to  talk to her and you will find out

get the  lemon pie form beowine . try to  talk to her and you will find out 

 Medea really like eating 

how do i get the ending of the game or they still working on that

It is still in the work.

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how to have Nala tail

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