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Will this ever be on mobile


We'll consider it in the future.

how do you get the catnip from Espeon because I've been playing for 2 days and still haven't gotten it and Rosie is the last character

There are two ways to get the Catnip.
1. Instead of having sex with her the first time, become her friend.
2. If you already had sex with her, get to know her better. Exhaust her possible dialogues and you'll eventually get it.

ok ill try to

Another question I heard of an alt  scene for Nyancy and I found it in the gallery, could you help me get it?

This is the only scene that can be missed. You need to use the friendship path with her to eventually get that one.

Wait never mind I found the scene for nyancy but fia I still haven't found could you help? Sorry if you think im being forceful im just trying the 100% the game

If you've already got Fia's first scene, you can try again later once you've unlocked Medea's one.
During your interaction with Fia, you need to play hard to get. You'll find the right path eventually.

how did you get that scene?  i've been at it for days on my own with no luck at all

is/will jolteon be in feline fantasies?

I'm afraid not.

I need the the catnip from espeon but I don't know what path to go down? Also is there a playthrough anywhere?

There are two ways to get the Catnip.
1. Instead of having sex with her the first time, become her friend.
2. If you already had sex with her, get to know her better. Exhaust her possible dialogues and you'll eventually get it.

thanks man

What game is Gracie and and Brownie from?

Gracie from Digimon and Brownie from Monster Hunter.

Anyone know how to get the alt scene for the espeon?


I do! The trick is to make her your friend. ;3


Could you make an android version?


We might consider it in the future, but not at this time.

how do i unlock Rosie's scene ?

You need to find obtain the catnip from Nyancy.

I feel like I've exhausted all the dialogue options when talking to Nyancy... I know that you say I just "have to approach her differently," but I'm grasping at straws here. Does anything need to happen first? Can anyone help me? Another hint would be nice.

When approaching Nyancy, you can get to have sex with her, but you can also befriend her instead, which gives you the catnip. Once you used the catnip, go back to Nyancy and you'll be able to see the alternative sex scene. It's the same as before, but has a different ending. You'll know you got it once you the third gallery slot for her unlocked.


Seems like it's possible to miss out on the Catnip, meaning you can't unlock the scene with Rosie.

Also, you can get infinite Lemon Pies for some reason.

there’s an alternative way to get catnip, so it should always be possible to unlock Rosie.

There’s no limit on the lemon pies because you need them later on. We might change this later, but for now it shouldn’t matter much.

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how do you get Brownie second scene?

You can get her scene by going through the option ''Do you want to have sex, Brownie?''

Within that branch, her second scene is hidden.

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Ok thanks

The 32bit version doesn't work at all, the game just doesn't load once I run the exe

I'll look into it.

I've uploaded a new version with significant optimization. I'm hoping it was the reason it was not working for you. Let me know how it goes now.

Is it possible to get the other nyancy scene? And if so, can you give me a hint please? ; w;

It is the only alternative scene that can be missed in a playthrough. You need to approach her differently.

By when do you think we can go to the northern part and on the northern part will there be new felines

It's going to take many months before we get there, but yes, there will be more felines.

What are all the furrys that have a second anal version secne?


At this time, only Fia.

Any new thing to play for 1.2 versoin?or just fix some bug?

Nope. Those are just bug fixes for the most part.
But I highly recommend to play those instead, since it prevent some game breaking bugs.
Your save files should remain intact with the transition.


What do the 1.1 and 1.2 patch notes do

They show the changes made to the game.
Most of them are bug fixes.

when is the second version coming out

Right now, I'm working on releasing a patch for this version which will be out very soon, then we can start working on the Northern Island content.
There's a lot to do and we do not have an estimate at this time, but we're working hard on it.

Best of luck bro (or girl if you are a girl)

I'm a bro.
Uploading the new version now. If it's not up by the time you see this, it will be in a couple of minutes.

Can you  also update the browser version when there is an update?


Of course. Right now, the version is now 1.2 as seen in the main menu.

Hey!-i tried running this on my laptop and phone and both don't work-I know about my phone but it won't work on my phone.

This is for browser play

The browser version is not compatible with phones.
It should be functioning on your laptop, however.
What happens when you try to run it?

when I try to run it, it normally does

 its loading

Then it goes to a immediate cube of death

I just tried it again but before it would normally go further then just loading 

I'm not sure what could be going wrong. It's possible your machine isn't compatible for whatever reason.
Maybe you could send me an email on including details such as your OS, your browser, whenever it's 32 or 64 bits and a screenshot of the screen you're stuck on.
I can't guarantee I can remedy, but it's worth checking it out at least.

Deleted 325 days ago

More to come when Northern is finished! You can follow along on either my Discord or Patreon! :3

how do i get the anal animation for fia?

Certain scenes are more difficult to find, so you'll need further exploration to unlock them. One hint I can give you is to play hard to get with her.


So, Nyancy is the best character by far to me. I would love (suggestion) To see the person cuddling with her! Like, just her up against your chest looking up at you! She makes me feel warm inside and happy!

I totally would add this, but art is expensive. >.< Right now I'm focusing my funds on realizing Northern Ruby Island first, which includes seven new felines in total. When that is done and I still have enough support, I can look into any post-game content, which may include extra art like this. :)

Ahh thats ok! I hope you do get funds because this game is amazing!


So happy to see this game has finally made it! Keep up the great work! I especially still adore Nyancy the best!


Glad you enjoy it! <3

The Mac version keeps crashing when launched for me.


Are you using the browser or downloadable version?

I'm having issues with the downloadable Mac version too. I think something is clearly wrong. No matter what I do, I cannot open the game because it says I don't have permission even after checking my settings and also checking my permissions with "get info". It says I can read and write, but it still refuses to let me open the application or do anything.

Which specific MacOS are you using and is it running 32 or 64 bits?

Happens on Big Sur which is 64-bit only. I can confirm this is an issue.

I've posted possible solutions, which seems to be recurrent on Big Sur, specifically.

downloaded version on high sierra

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is it possible to have the android version?


We do not have plans to support Android at this time, but we might consider it later.

So i have been playing this for a while and noticed that there is a secondary sex scene for Nyancy.  Having quite a tough time trying to get to it, and have no idea what to do.  Is the scene truely available?

Yes, but this one is missable.
You need to approach her a different way to get it.

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Oh really?  well, That means that it would be when you're first speaking to her i assume?  And if going after this scene, does that also mean that one would miss the vaginal scene as well?  honestly if so, seems a bit odd to.  i feel like this scene should be unlocked after your first session with her instead of doing a different route.

If you find her alternative scene, the other scene will be unlocked as well.


Did Nala get removed or is she still available somehow?

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Nala was in the 2.0 demo version of the Flash version as part 2 of the story. This is the remake in Unity with only part 1 available at this time. We're working toward restoring and adding part 2, fully remade, which include Nala.
We'll get her back, don't you worry.

Is fia's (Litten) aditional scene available? I swear I went through all the dialogs on all characters but I can't seem to unlock it o.o


It's only available if you haven't had sex with her already.
There's one option that leads to it.


small correction on what Side B said: yes, it is available. If you have unlocked Fia’s normal scene first, you can get it by simply unlocking Medea, that opens a path with the text: “Do you want to have sex, Fia?”

Within that branch, you’ll have to navigate yourself to get it. Fia is a little reluctant to give in, so you have to do your best to get her to cooperate, but it is possible! Good luck! :D

(3 edits)

yes, I have that option "Do you want to have sex, Fia?" and have the I want to do it anal but she keeps refusing. Wonder if I have to try and try till she gives in?

Edit: Found it!! It was all the time in front of me and I missed the right options XD

what is it

I can help, you don't even need that option, you can do this, first tell her she's cute, then ask if she has a trap, ask if she was serious, finally tell her your name, tell her it's not true you want her, ask if there is something she wants from you, say you can offer your dick, make her beg, and then the option "actually I was thinking of using your other hole" will show up, you must do it in this way or it will take you to the normal scene, if you can't assess this rote I don't know any other way as of now.

Thanks OwO :)


Shane Dawson Simulator



I'm constantly refreshing the page, waiting for the game ^^


Almost there! We're making the final preparations! :3


It's here, yaaaay. Thank you for your hard work <3


You're welcome! I hope you enjoy! :D

i remember playing the flash version i think...


Could very well be! It was a Flash game before Flash died at the beginning of this year. I hope you will enjoy the remake! :3


is there eventually going to be a android version?


We have no plans at this time, but considering the demand, it's something we could look into.

is there eventually going to be a free version id pay but unfortunately I don't have a way to


The public release will be free.

can I play it


If you join the 5$+ tier on our Patreon, you can play right away or you can wait until it is released to the public for free next week.

Vai ter a opção de trocar o gênero dos personagens ou uma opção para colocar uma legenda para as conversas?

Os felinos são todos fêmeas e o jogo é totalmente baseado em texto.

Is the nsfw content all het, or is there a gender toggle option or something of the like?

For the first release of the game, the content will be M/F.

let me guess this game doesn't have this for android right?

We do not support Android at this time, but we might consider it an option in the future.


i like requirements to be implemented in pc before release great

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