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When is the game going to be on Android


It isn't.


well thats dum

No it isn't. This game wasn't made with Android in mind at all. If you want the game to run on Android, you have my blessing. Find someone to code it for you. You'll realize very quickly how much work it takes. 

People don't seem to realize we're a team of two. Side B does all the coding himself. This game isn't our main source of income. We work full-time jobs next to this to provide for our families. 

Even if we did work on an Android version, it would take so much time that people would start complaining about when the next update is coming out. Making an Android version is therefore not feasible and the amount of people who ask for it almost every single day is very bothersome too.   

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Hey TAD or SB, I've been wondering, how do you get Brownie to suck your dick?

Also, how do you get to fuck Fia in anal?

Both are hidden within their dialogue trees. You should ask for sex with both and then go through the different options. It might take you a few tries, but you'll get it eventually. 

Thanks mate!

please do it on android

how to find nala

Talk with Puck.

what do i do after i save her


Talk with Duchess, then with Nala to go an adventures.

Is this joiplay compatible?

No idea. XD

I tried with the windows version and had no luck

That's a RIP. I am sorry I cannot be of more service to you. 

how do i get a scene with puck?

Unlock all the other felines on Northern first.


how do i get to do oral with brownie? the: want to have sex? option just gives me the normal one

It's hidden in there. You'll have to find it. 

Will there be any chance of a mobile version sometime in the future? 


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help i missed my chance to fuck some of the cats on southern ruby island what do i do?!?!?!!?? nvm i made it crap.

how do i get brownie 3rd scene?

there are only two scenes for Brownie. Vaginal and oral.

So I encountered the true final boss

Was this suppose to be a secret, Side B?

Yes, good job. :3

How to get gem?

The Ruby? Explore on Southern Ruby Island and if you have talked with Medea first, a new area should open up.


bro I can't get Gracie to help me get to the next island

how do I do it

You have to talk to Rosie first. ''Aren't you a cute ray of sunshine?'' That will open up another option with Gracie.

I'm new to this game how do I get rope

You get rope by exploring, that unlocks the mini-game to get more. Same with wood.

are there any game like this one?

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You can try “Delve into Pawsion” which is similar. 


Loved the game ! I started playing it a long time ago and followed each update^^ The boss was challenging, but I like that I had to think about what I'm doing and create some strategies, it was very fun ! Thanks for making it, you can be proud hehe


Thank you so much! <3 Your kind words are immensely appreciated, PurpBoi!

any option for a female mc?

If you play the Flash variant, that one has a female MC option available. We unfortunately had to cut it when we redrew all the art for the Unity version due to monetary issues. POV penetration scenes only work for a male MC, so that meant a lot of art had to be redone from scratch. It was simply not feasible with our budget.

I found a H scene with the cat-astrophe but it didn't register and I can't figure out how to do it again. any help?

It should be able to be viewed in the gallery if you unlocked it. Is it not there?

I managed to unlock it but I had to redo the entire game again.


I am wondering what to choose to do it with puck


Loved the game but the boss had me stuck for quite a wile bc it kept regening anyway love the game keep making more like it


fuck u and your min games i hated the surf bord one was a pane in the ass have a skip for them i redid the game and not a fan


Always lovely when we make a high quality game for free and people like you bitch about it like a three year old. Fuck you too. 


based creator


please add this to android, it looks really good in the photos


I would if I could. It is honestly burdening to be asked about it every single day when we offered a definitive no on it.


oh...ok :(


Can you add this on android





那是为了下次更新。 游戏还没有完全结束。 请再耐心一点。


I absolutely adore this game. Its so simple but fun. The story is so fun to follow even if its super short and holy shit it feels like a professionally made game.  Animations are so smooth and clean and wow do the characters turn me on like nothing else before. While it does get a tad tedious with the rope minigame you barely have to do it and its not super hard. Boss fight is fun and relatively easy. My only complaint is I wish the island would return to normal after fighting the boss and you can interact with everyone. Its frustrating trying to unlock all the scenes only for me to have to reset the whole game to get ones I have missed. Also little thing but when interacting with Rosie she says that when you beat the curse she can try and arrange pretty much a threesome with her, Nyancy and the player and its not in after you beat the game. I would love to see that put in. Other than that this is hands down one of the best games I have ever played. I would pay more money to play an expanded version of this game much more than a modern triple A game. Expand the map and story, add some more characters and animations and let me see that threesome and I will cough up whatever money I can to this game. 10/10 game and 10/10 team. Yall are damn talented. 

TL;DR: This game is fucking amazing and the team behind it are better than the people at EA. I will spend money on this game when given the option.  


here's some advice for the final boss. 

1. the ruby only deflects light blue attacks apart from the meteorite

2.the meteorite attack takes 2 turns to acttualy hit you so use the first turn to attack then the second to heal right before the attack hits you

3.the most powerful attack that esix has doesn't actually one shot you it deals 50% damage so you should not use the opal if you have 100% hp because it will come in handy when you have almost beaten her

4.if you don't use the opal on her strongest attack then if you know a move will kill you use the opal then imeadietly attack if she is close to death. the only time you should need to use the opal is if he uses the move with the ghost animation or the meteorite. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH ATTACK WHEN SHE CHARGES UP THE METEORITE THEN HEAL THE TURN BEFORE THE ATTACK COMENCES.

5.every item you get will be of use in the fight so be sure to get a lot of rope and wood in the first half of the island since the microchip technicaly doesn't exist so you can't run out of energy and get a lot of lemon pies from the baker cat since they're unlimited i'm pretty sure

6.when you get back to the first half of the island before going to fight the boss in the temple where you got the ruby from go visit the cat's other than the litten. there will be catnip and lemon pies where they used to be and in the case of the digimon there will be 20 wood and 20 rope where she was

7.get a whole buttload of silent flowers since you can use them for a verry powerfull attack in the fight but you should only use the attack when she uses the move recover.

8.the topaz will block yellow attacks the saphire will block light blue attacks apart from the meteorite and the ruby reflects light blue attacks and blocks the red move: charge and the opal blocks all

Hope this hellps you


pretty fun

is there anyway to auto-unlock the full gallery

I keep getting stunned the round before her big attack, thats such BS


Can this be on android pls

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tips broooooo for boss

1. always ruby for blue attacks, (if you cannot use ruby use sapphire) 

2. Always use sapphire for her Red move : Charge up, 

3. Do not use special ability's until she is half instead use the ruby because it reflects damage, 

4. For her very powerful move use opal.                                               

5. Either heal when she uses "Recover" or an special ability when she is 4 bars and you got 50% or above, use special ability

6. Her ice beam is weak does (5-10%)

((((((((((yellow attacks either tank, heal, or use basic magic attack your choice no ruby cause turn limit sucks))))))))))

meteor is a dangerous move 

Ill write more soon enough sorry

amazing tips



Is there an apk version

There isn't.

Are there more endings than good and bad one


It's a pity that rosie's anal and fruit plot is gone.

How do I beat Esix? I have all the items, but she just keeps healing all the damage i'm doing and using freeze beam.


Imagine your the boss what will you do?

I managed, but I wish it had lasted a little longer and I hope that the others from the southern part were fine :/

the game wont even start. the made with unity logo goes up, a flash of something in the game, then back to the folder screen

Which OS are you using?

Windows. i downloaded the one with the windows logo, the 32 bit once since it was lower bits in case the game would be laggy

If you are using a 64 bits OS, you will gain better performance from using that one. Maybe you should try.

ight ill try thanks


Seems to have gotten more tedious as its gone on then fun.

bro the boss in the cave on the south part of the island is so hard to bea

Its not that hard you can do it

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