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Brownie is the best kitty! 


Glad you like her so much! <3

yes she is but fia as well OwO


Will there be an android port?


It isn't in our current plans, but we'll consider it once the game is finished.

sad apk would be cool

i hope there will apk would make us all happy

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the game cant load, i keep tryinng and i cant load the game

edit: nevermind, i managed it out


Glad you were able to solve it!

I dont find the good anwser for Espeon any help ?

Become her friend. ;3

yes but i try but not succesfull


Very good game its a solid 9/8. Everyone very good job! You got this keep creating this great game :)

Thank you so much! <3 We're very hard at work with part II!

how i do the second scene of the espeon?


That requires you to be her friend first the first time you meet her. Otherwise you can't unlock it.


It would be better if there was a translation in the game

Translating the entire game into another language might take a while, though. We rather focus our efforts on finishing the game first before looking at other languages for the game to play in. I hope you understand!


very good game, it has difficulty if you speak another language like me but if the game I give it a 10/10

Thanks a lot for the praise! That really means a lot to me! :3

when will there be an updat?


We do not have an exact date, but it will be in a few months from now.

We're hoping to have part II finished in April of this year.


You should make it where it cost money so you can make more of an income than o dollars way easier than a Patreon 

We can't. We're using characters which aren't ours. Making the game free to play protects it under fair use. 

after finish the gallery im fell in love with them ,nice work,cant wait to see more of them


Trust me, there's more coming. We are all working hard on it.

yall are one of the best game i played i love the game.

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will there be pregnancy

Deleted 1 year ago

Very unlikely.
We do not have the budget for that I'm afraid.

Deleted 1 year ago

I want to play this game so bad but can't because I'm on andriod

If you wanna play it that bad a pi zero w is 10 dollars


I hope there will be an Android version 

How to get the blowjob scene ?

Great game , keep it up . Do you have a Discord Server ? 

You can find a link to our Discord in the description.

Thanks, i found it . 

pikachu is very cute like all of the others and when will the now update come out.

can yall add more pokemon plz like pikachu


Pikachu isn't a feline though.

why not bring the previous Pokémon in as like that they introduced you to some of the new ones

the game kinda crashes when I try to launch :/

windows 32 bits btw


It is a very tricky situation because I do not have Windows 32 bits myself, meaning I have no way to work on this issue.
But when part 2 comes along, I'll see into getting some extra testers and investigate if there's a solution to this. Very sorry for the inconvenience.


No worries, and I'd be looking forward to that ^^


U should add ankha

I love it I can't wait until you finish

Download and Web gl doesn't appear to work on Windows 32-bit. Ends up crashing after opening the application. Any solutions?


I'm afraid there's little assistance I can provide on that front as I do not own a 32-bit system to test it on.
My sincere apologies.

So how do u get the seen with Rosie

Deleted 1 year ago

You need to find the Capnip.
I suggest to get along with the other felines. You might find out how to obtain it.


Any plans on bringing this to Android as an APK


We'll see what we can do once we finish part 2.


i hope so


I hope there will be an Android version, this looks awesome

yeah apk would be cool i hope so too :)

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How do you get the last scene with Fia?

In the rubies questions, how do i get all the questions correct?

easy, just write down all the hints, one hint per feline! thats what i did anyway

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when north ruby island coming?!

ps original Rosie's eyes are nightmare fuel

We do not have a release date, but we're working hard on it.
It's gonna be worth the wait.

nice thanks love the story behind this game.

also were the felines born on the islands or did they get there from their respective worlds? just wanted to know

You can get your answer by talking to the felines. You get to know more about them, their origins and relations.

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BTW when i get the money i'll start supporting your patreon. also cant wait for new update with northern ruby island


android ver when?? this looks so fun and well-made, im so excited to try it out!!! <3


We have no current plans for an Android release as we are focusing on finishing up part 2, but it is something we will consider once we get there.

awesome! thanks for letting me know!! <3


i have played,  sadly had shamefully wank it, I praise ye for somehow turning cute characters from different franchise into  lewd porn, and my childhood further tainted.

Isssss there any gay?



Aww Okie I wont play then.


Will Ankha or Lolly from Animal Crossing be in the game?

how do you get to northen ruby island?


Northern Ruby Island is still in development. We're working hard to bring it all to you as soon as we can.

How to unlock Fia anal scene?

Play hard to get

time to explore the unkown....shit

i have become more tainted.....f

This game will be available on Steam?

No, it won't.

That's unfortunate :( but thank you for the reply

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