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I just finished the game to where it is now and i have to say this game has everything. It has beautiful pictures with the characters in them changing their emotions to what they feel at that moment. The music also gives of this tropical island vibe which i find perfectly in this game. It also has many moment where it made me laugh and smile, but it also has these emotional moments where they tell the story and it just blend all these things together to a game which has it all. Of course it has these intimate moments where you can observe the feelings these characters share :P . I dearly enjoyed it and i am really exited for the next major story update. Respect to the creators for making this game.  :D

Thanks a lot for your considerable commentary! Reviews like these are scarce and I enjoy reading them whenever I come across one! :3 I'm really happy to know how much you've enjoyed the game so far! A lot of work and love was poured into it and it makes me feel accomplished knowing that people experience this within the game itself!

We promise to make the next major update worth your while! It won't be as big as Northern, but it will complete the story part of the game, which I am really excited for! It means that I can say that the game's mainline story is officially done and that's a goal that I've had ever since I started this project! Thanks for playing and take care, Diamond. <3

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i used to be able to play in browser but the 2.0.4 patch made it so it froze my laptop and since i dont have linux,mac, or windows i cant download it and play that way

That is concerning since the last patch only changed some text.


Epic ngl

You are epic, ngl

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it wont let me type a name

Make sure the focus is on the textbox. Best click on it before typing.

i figured it out it was a glitch on my computer lol

Just click on the box and type lol. But if you're not playing on PC then I have no clue.

how do i get the island ruby and southren island?

You go back to the overworld, you click explore, a new location appears (if you have gotten both Medea and Gracie to agree to work together to help you cross). Go to the location, take a quiz about cats, the hints you can find should help you along, get the ruby if you answer enough questions correctly.

thanks, i was stuck for hell knows how long and amazing Luxray PfP

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Shane Dawson simulator

Edit:Wtf mate,These comments are literally made by people under 18 there is no way "tudy6996" is an adult bruv.


its true, this game makes me immensely uncomfortable.

Then what are you doing here? 

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came in here to make the shane dawson joke lmao


This is a very good and fun game, I love him.

Thank you! <3

I like this game. I play it every day, just come up with a Chinese or update more☺️

my game won't start! I says this... "The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."
idk what to do!

Which version are you using?

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how to get to the liteen one anal sex

play hard to get

what do you mean any instruction bc whenever I do the anal one she always say maybe later


Will it come out on android


We have gotten this question a lot. The game is not made with android devices in mind. We would like to focus our efforts on finishing the game first before we look into a mobile release, because it may mean we have to recreate the game from the ground up. If that's the case, I'm not sure how long it will take to realize. It might take a very long time.


100% it. Very good game, I recommend!

Super kind of you! Thanks. :3


This game is so good, I love it and can’t wait for the final part of the game.

I really appreciate the kind words!

@Side B, also, I tried to play it and it doesn't load, my computer just freezes wen it reaches 80% then the game crashes

Have you tried to download the game instead of running it in your browser? 

I can't download it, I'm on cromebook, aND da Linux version don't work


This game is so amazing, I been a fan of all cat related both in anime and games and in real life to, Im the biggest cat furry anyone will ever see...and I also like to play video games and hentai, this is my whole entire personality in 1 simple game!

Is it coming out on android ?

Not at the moment. I'm sorry to disappoint.


Wow, the pace of development is really fast.

Thank you, we do our best!


Okay so I have some bugs so when I try to get rope and wood it doesn't always give it to me it happens on a northern island sometimes on the south it happens everywhere the item gathering is kinda broke also on the second island part 2 of the game it doesn't autosave it hasn't fone it yet the game kinda broke buggy and glitchy I love the game please fix it and more thanks okay good luck and goodbye :)


Autosave happens every time you finish a nsfw scene.

oh oof okay so it's not broke but other stuff is glitchy kinda I don't get items all the time also Blair says to give 30 ropes 30 wood when it's 20 - 20 okay bye thanks and good luck (GG)

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Great game I hope it gets better and keeps being amazing maybe it can be on mobile or something idk but I love the game and I  enjoyed it and stuff keep up the good work can't wait for more and thanks for making this and stuff UwU :)

I Would Rate More Than Five Stars If I Could Maybe Infinite Idk :)



the game awesome

It does not open the game and if it opens it closes without advancing anything or even seen the title of the game, I have windows 10, an i5 with integrated graphics and 4 Gb of ram.

32 bits or 64 bits?

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64 bits But with the 32 bits it does open the game… that’s weird xD


Please add android


We will consider it for in the future, but not right now.

aww sad mobile would be great please I hope it happens and more :)


Is there any way to unlock all of the gallery without doing  the game all over again?

Some of the gallery is only able to be unlocked on Southern.

Will it be on Android

Not for the time being.

awww sad mobile is great not alot of people have PC :|

I'm so confused. How tf do you get rope lmao??

play the mini-game for rope.


how old is puck?


It is a true mystery. A secret known by no one.



I just completed the game and its awesome!


Glad you enjoyed it! <3

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do you get the anal with Litten and the oral with the Felyne ?

Try multiple options in their dialogue tree. 

Best game ever i love it than you

Thank you! :3

Does anyone know how to get blowjob when meeting brownie


Yes, I do.

Deleted 26 days ago

Those scenes are secret ones and only available to you when you're on Southern. The next update you can go back to Southern. Thanks for the praise, I really am glad you enjoyed the game so far. :D

Deleted 26 days ago

Oh soo we cant use the spell on luna ? 

thats a Shame  i  Wanted soo bad to turn tables and  pay luna back for that pussytease


Alright. So this was actually pretty amazing. It has a story which is nice, the characters are all unique and I want to meet them all. The art is fantastic, but most of all, the writing for the adult scenes are really, really well made.

I would suggest this game has me feeling rather inspired... 

For now though, I'll continue enjoying this. XD


Thank you so much for all the kind words and praise, I really appreciate it! <3

Is this playable in Android?


I am afraid not. Sorry.

aww sad :(

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Hum how   strange

   it  appeared for me  the feline seduction spell button  on luna but i didnt cliked then  but now it dont appear anymore   was it a bug ?

Feline Seduction shouldn't work on Luna anyway, so most likely a bug, yes.

The game sadly won't load past 75 % maybe 80 %

Try to to download the game instead of running it in your browser. 

It would be funny and very interesting to make a version of this game, but with dogs. "Canine fantasies" or "island of dogs" XD

We've jokingly said we should do dragons next. ''Dragon Desires.'' 

dragon fiction is pretty rare in this genera, I'd personally love some saucy dragons. XP

awesome :0

I mean pretty good idea tbh.


Thank you very much for fixing the bug. I was able to enjoy the whole game. The story is charming and I like the narration. The art is beautiful and the cats are very cute and sexy. I hope to see more content of this game and when I can, I will not hesitate to donate to you. Never give up, me and many people are grateful for this work of art.

We definitely won't! Thank you for your support! <3


will there be mobile support in the future?

Unlikely, but we'll see in the future.

I hope so mobile tablet and Andriod and stuff will make it better not a lot have pcs or ones that handle so yeah please think of bringing to other platforms thanks bye have a good day :)

i hope there will soon

i found a glitch that lets you completely avoid even having the cat tattoo or whatever, the battery thing

Not a glitch. In this version you can beat everything without activating your microchip

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oh is it deactivated for the moment or was it removed

No, the Microchip is still a bit of a WIP. It’s supposed to make the mini-games easier while it’s activated. Now that we have more info about how the mini-games function, we will balance them accordingly. 


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