Feline Fantasies update February 2023.

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here, back again, once again! We're steadily creeping closer to another major release! To celebrate, my coder and partner in crime, Side B, has made a small little sneak-peek of the final battle against Esix! :3 Keep in mind, this is still a WIP, but most of the battle works as intended right now! 

Once this battle phase is completed, we're moving on to beta-testing it to prepare to release this update to the public. All of my Patrons $5 and up may enjoy this release a week in advance, so if you're interested and you haven't already, please throw us a few extra coins our way! This entire project has been made possible by the generosity of our Patrons, and I want to thank each and everyone of y'all for that! <3 Now then, there's a few more things I want to talk about before I sign off. First off, the first ever complete playthrough of Feline Fantasies will be an event hosted in my Discord server! Once this update is finished, one of my viewers and good friend, Mystical87, will stream the entire game, from beginning to end, inside my Discord server! :3 If you're interested in catching that, please consider joining my server (if you haven't already) here: 

https://discord.gg/wvGJsr8f (Must be 18+ to join. We will check upon entry.)

Secondly, I want to announce the name of the new artist who joined the Feline Fantasies squat. Please welcome Nai to Ruby Island! :D She'll be our new artist, who, subsequently, will draw the new art for both Yuumi and Mew, which will be postgame content. That's right! After this update, my team and I will crunch down one final time to give this game a satisfying conclusion for y'all! :3 Please check out Nai and give her a follow if you like her art! You can see the new Yuumi sketches for just $1 a month! 

Speaking of, the new Yuumi SFW art has been completed and will be shown this weekend to all my Patrons $10 and up!

For now, enjoy the video or follow me on my Twitter to stay updated: https://twitter.com/TADAveragedude

Have a very lovely Wednesday and I'll see y'all this weekend! Until then, stay safe! :3


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Hand over the update or I'll throw my dog into brazil.


Noooooo, not Brazil! :C Not even canines deserve that! Even if we simp for felines here. ;P

tem gente que nao gosta mais tem outros que gostam