Feline Fantasies Classic Flash Version Available

We're working hard to give you the conclusion to the Feline Fantasies story. In the meanwhile, how about a throwback to the past?

We're adding the original Flash versions to itch.io as downloads, including the 1.1 version and the preview to the 2.0 version.

Flash may be dead, but you can still play those offline. If you don't already have a functioning Flash player on your machine, head to https://archive.org/details/offline-flash-player-installers and select an executable below.

As for current development, you can expect an update this month. This update will be focused on rearranging the Northern Ruby Island minigames, including making them fullscreen, rebalancing their difficulty, better integrate the microchip within them and more.

Once the minigame update is out, we're going head first into the conclusion of the story.


Feline Fantasies - Flash 16 MB
Version 1.3 Oct 12, 2022
Feline Fantasies - Flash (Preview).zip 22 MB
Version 2.0 Preview Oct 12, 2022

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I don't suppose you remember which Actionscript they use?

I'm afraid not. I was not the one working on the Flash version.
You would have better luck asking Tir Amahn.


i miss flash. i spent like the last year of its life stocking up a folder to save a bunch of the games


Long live flash!