Feline Fantasies general update June 2022!

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here back again, once again! I hope y'all have been enjoying the new update! It's crazy how well it was received, and for that, y'all have my unending gratitude. <3

For all the new people who decided to support us, welcome! We've been hard at work this month doing damage control on the new update. As some of y'all may have experienced, there were still a few glitches present upon release, particularly a very odd one with the Topaz mini-game where the arrows wouldn't show up on screen no matter what.

It took us nearly two weeks to figure that one out, but we managed to fix it! Currently, we're taking a week off to recharge our batteries before we'll start working on the next update. 

So, from July onward, this Patreon starts to become a lot more active again. There are multiple things we'll be working on, which includes the art of the final feline Esix. As such, I'll post weekly updates for my Patrons which highlights sneak-peeks, sketches and so on!

As what I'm doing right now, I'll also post a monthly update on our progress which everybody can read. Furthermore, I post weekly polls for fun which everybody can vote in!

Now then, this final update won't be nearly as big as the Northern Ruby Island one. Only one feline will be added instead of six. It's because story wise, the game is almost done. As such, we hope the next update won't take us a year to complete. Afterwards, Feline Fantasies is officially complete. 

However, a post-game is a big possibility. That would be the last and the final update before the game is done completely. 

For now, I hope y'all have a very pleasant day, take care, and I shall be back next Friday the 1st of July. Until then, stay safe! <3



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Okay so I have some bugs so when I try to get rope and wood it doesn't always give it to me it happens on a northern island sometimes on the south it happens everywhere the item gathering is kinda broke also on the second island part 2 of the game it doesn't autosave it hasn't fone it yet the game kinda broke buggy and glitchy I love the game please fix it and more like maybe also add a yiff tag in the itch.io thing it says furry porn and NSFW and more but it should also have yiff, okay please add and fix I love the game okay bye and thanks for everything okay good luck and goodbye :)