Feline Fantasies v2.0.0 Public Release

It is here. You've been waiting for it. Feline Fantasies Part 2.

Patch Note

• Northern Ruby Island available
• New Storylines
• 6 New felines
• UI Overhaul
• 7 new minigames
• Increased wood reward quantity from woodcutting minigame


[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here, back again, once again! I hope y'all have been well! As most of y'all know by now, Northern Ruby Island has been completed and was released to my Patrons a week ago! Alongside that Side B made an epic trailer covering it. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find that right here: 


And so, since we're a week further, Northern Ruby Island is now officially released to the public as well! :D Head over here to play the new update right now:


Once again, I'd like to thank everybody who decided to support me. Five years ago, when I got this idea and started it, I'd never think it would turn into anything significant, but thanks to the immense support I've gotten over the years, we've been able to turn this game into a high quality effort. So, once again, thank you all so much! My appreciation is immense! <3

In particular, I'd like to thank Side B who stuck by me through thick and thin. I can't show you enough gratitude, my friend. So thank you! I'd also like to thank Pilitan and Suiro for helping me out so much with this game! Without you guys' help, the game wouldn't be what it is today! <3 I'd also like to give a shout-out to my good friends Bugma and Mystical for helping me play-test the game. Y'all are amazing! ~w~

So, what is left then? Well, since Northern is finally done, it might be that some bugs will be found now that a lot of people will be able to play the game. So for that, we'll use the month of June to monitor the release and fix any mistakes we might find on the way. 

Afterwards, we're going to focus our effort on the final part of Feline Fantasies before the main-game is completed. The amount of work is not as much as with Northern, so we hope we don't have to take nearly as long.

If the ending is as much as a success as Southern and Northern have been, a final update consisting of a postgame will be created. Then, Feline Fantasies is completed!

I hope y'all are excited and enjoy this new update! For now, have a great weekend and I will see y'all around either here or in my Discord server! Take care! :3



Feline Fantasies - HTML5 Play in browser
Version 2.0.0 Jun 04, 2022
Feline Fantasies - Windows 64 bits 410 MB
Version 2.0.0 Jun 04, 2022
Feline Fantasies - Windows 32 bits 405 MB
Version 2.0.0 Jun 04, 2022
Feline Fantasies - MacOS 407 MB
Version 2.0.0 Jun 04, 2022
Feline Fantasies - Linux 408 MB
Version 2.0.0 Jun 04, 2022

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lesgooooooooooo xd

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This is amazing. Been waiting for this. You guys did so well on the first part and I can tell this will be amazing. Also, thanks for increasing the wood gained. Props to the programmers and to the artists, both did great. And the story writer. Love going through the dialogue options.




the cresent bay on north island dose not seem to let me even finish any of the arrows befor it changes

It’s being looked into. Thank you for the feedback! 


Nice. I just completed the main part of northern ruby island. I love it. I remember playing the original and got to see the new improvements. they are amazing. I didn't find any secrets if there are any yet. but I have all of the regular scenes. I want to say thank you all for your amazing work. I'm definitely looking forward to the finale and future games if any!


glad its finally out