Feline Fantasies general update January 2022!

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here back again, once again! I hope y'all are having a fantastic Wednesday so far! January of 2022 is almost at its end already, so I am here with our current progress on the development of Northern Ruby Island! So, what is new? 

Well, for starters, five out of six felines have now been implemented and are functional! Only the final feline still needs to be added, which is Mittens!

Furthermore, all of the animations are ready too and these have been implemented within the mini-games.

So, what's there left to do?

Currently, Side B is working on implementing the UI updates within the game. Not all of these assets are ready yet. We're still missing a few and we hope to get these as quickly as possible.

Once all the updated UI is in place, we'll continue to work on getting Mittens implemented and rounding up all of the unlockable felines.

Then the only thing that's still left to do is getting those mini-games, which have been made by Suiro separately, into the main game so all of Northern is complete.

At this point, we're in the phase where Bugma, Mystical and I will beta-test the game into oblivion to catch all of the bugs we can still possibly find. It may still take a few weeks to iron it all up before we have a product that's actually workable and enjoyable to play less you have chance to soft lock yourself. XD

With our current progress, I still think an early release for our Patrons in April will be possible and depending on the date, either late April or early May a public release. 

So, I ask of y'all to be a little more patient! We're getting very close now to a Northern release and never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would be possible, but here we are! Thanks to everybody who has supported me and still is supporting me! Y'all are keeping this game alive! <3

This Saturday I am back with Mittens' finished NSFW pics for my Patrons $5 and up! Cy'all then, stay safe! :D


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