Feline Fantasies General Update November 2021

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys! TAD here back again, once again with another update! It's the end of the month and we're approaching 2022! This also means we're approaching my first deadline goal for Feline Fantasies, which was to have three out of six felines upgraded, implemented and fully functional within the game.

Well, for people who missed it, we managed to accomplish that around a week or two ago! :D I have tested them and so far, Puck, Blair and Luna are all working and functional!

This means as of now, only three more felines need to be implemented--alongside the mini-games--and Northern Ruby Island will be complete! 

So, where are we at with development exactly? Well, for starters, five out of six felines have had their dialogues upgraded. The only one who remains is Mittens, which I'll be working on this week. With that, all of Northern Ruby Island's dialogue will be ready to go!

Animation wise we're still missing a few small little things. Mainly some animations for the mini-games. Unfortunately, my animator does not have time to be working on them until mid-january, so it'll take a while still until those are finished. 

As for art, Pili has managed to finish all of the six felines on Northern Ruby Island as of now. I've already showed 4 of the 6 new felines to my Patrons and we're in the middle of showing off Nala. :3 We're only missing a few backgrounds and then all art is also ready to be implemented!

Coding wise, we're currently busy with getting Duchess inside of the game and functional. With how things are going, I expect her to be working in about two weeks from now. If that is the case, then we're getting really close!

As for a release date, I am shooting for somewhere in March 2022. I expect all of the felines to be working in February next year, which means only the mini-games need to be put in the game. Those mini-games are all working and functional already thanks to the help of Suiro! :3   

So, what does this mean once Northern is released? Well, for starters, Northern is not the end of the game yet. Most of you know that Esix is in the game too (otherwise I wouldn't show her off on the banner). She's basically the ending of Feline Fantasies and we've decided to release her in a final update.

Depending on how much support we'll keep on getting, the final update can either be one of two things:

~I get too little support, which means we'll only create the ending and then Feline Fantasies is complete, which means no more major updates

~I get enough support, which means the final update won't only be the ending, but also a post-game with the four bonus felines as well, including Mew, Yuumi, Fidget and Ori. If you like this game and you want to see a post-game, please consider throwing us a few coins if you haven't already. Creating Feline Fantasies has cost me a lot to the point I have not made a single dollar off of the project yet, but rather, put a decent amount of my own money into it to make it a reality. Whatever happens, the game will be finished, but a post-game is only possible if enough of you guys want to see it.

For now, I wish all of you a very wonderful week! Tomorrow I am back with another poll and this weekend I'll show off Nala's finished SFW art to all my Patrons $5 and up! Until then, stay safe! <3


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