Celebratory update post (November 18th 2021)!

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here back again, once again with some great news:

As of right now, we have officially reached our goal of this year already! Three out of six felines on Northern Ruby Island have been successfully implemented into the game! :D

I recently tested Luna, and despite a few very small errors, she works splendidly as she's supposed to be! :3

What does this mean for development exactly? Well, for starters, if we can keep up this pace, chances are we might have four out of six felines implemented at the end of the year while working on the fifth. This will reduce my estimate for when we can release Northern with a lot! Keep in mind that even after all six felines are implemented, we'll still need to add all new mini-games and then test the entire thing to make sure it runs smooth enough before this version gets released to all of my Patrons $5 and up! Having said that, my team and I have decided to release Northern separately from the ending, meaning that after Northern is done, the game won't be completed just yet. We have decided this since Northern is such a big update with new content we figured it will satisfy y'all for the time being while we work on the final chapter of this game. ;3

For now, I can't say when Northern will be done. But I hope it will be somewhere in March 2022. I, however, can't guarantee a thing, so don't quote me on this. :P

For now, I'll have Duchess finished NSFW art ready to show all of my Patrons $5 and up this Saturday! Hope to see y'all then, stay safe! <3


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