Feline Fantasies general update October 2021: more development!

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here, back again, once again with a monthly update! November is almost around the corner, which means I have updates on all of the progress we've made! So, what's new?

Writing wise, five out of six felines on Northern Ruby Island have had their dialogue updated! Which means only Mittens still needs an overhaul and then everything dialogue related on Northern Ruby Island will be complete! :3

Art wise, we're going very well! I've shown my Patrons Puck, Blair and Luna already! Next up will be Duchess, which I'll show the SFW sketches of this weekend! ^^

Next up, when it comes to animations, a custom health bar in the form of a cat has been created! It's part of the Microchip, a feature that has been mentioned in the intro of the game and which Puck will tell you more about on Northern Ruby Island. It's a super neat little animation where the cat flinches when taking a hit! I'll show it to all of my Patrons next week. ;3

Then, finally, the biggest surprise! Side B actually managed to implement Blair completely already! :D This means that two out of six felines are fully functional right now! Of course, this excludes Esix, but it's such a big development! :D My original goal and schedule was to have three out of six felines implemented and playable at the end of the year. We still have two entire months left for one! So with a bit of luck, we might even manage to have four out of six implemented at the end of the year! :D

Then, finally, I do want to give you guys something visual as well. Pilitan, the lead artist of Feline Fantasies, has been doing such an incredible job of redrawing all of the old art and giving it a new layer of paint. As examples, I wanted to show you guys some backgrounds just so you have an idea:

This is an old background for a simple point and click mini-game you have to do inside of Mittens' dialogue tree. It's supposed to be on a snowy summit. Now take a look at the redrawn variant:

The difference is so staggering it blows me away even now!

Similarly, I showed you guys a screenshot out of Puck's dialogue tree before last month. I have another one with me right here. This is within another background of her:

This is how she looked like in the old Flash Game you can still find on e6.

And here she is within her redrawn background and updated shadings. :D

I have to stress: these immense quality upgrades are only possible because of the immense support I've gotten! Without it, none of this would be possible, so I thank each and every one of my Patrons deeply! <3 Y'all make this into a reality!

This weekend, I am back with Duchess' SFW sketches for all of my Patrons! Until then, have a great weekend and stay safe! <3


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could you give us the link to the e6 game?

But you need a way to use a flash-file.