More development plus new poll: which character on Northern are you the most excited about?

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hiya guys, TAD here back again, once again! Today, we've reached a little milestone: Puck has now officially been implemented completely inside the game! :3 I've tested her earlier today! Everything works except her Feline Seduction, which I encountered some bugs in. I expect those to be fixed later this week so that next week official implementation of Blair is going to be on its way! :D

Also, to show you what kind of quality difference we're dealing with, I made a small screenshot comparing the original art with the redrawn art:

For people who've played the Flash Variant before, this should look familiar. It's Puck's first encounter scene just as you've crossed Northern. And this is how it looks if you decide to play the game in the remake version:

As you can see, just a smol upgrade from the original. :P This immense difference in quality has only been possible because of the generosity of my Patrons! You guys make it possible for me to update this game into something that looks professional instead of fan made! And I thank you all deeply for your continuous support and patience with us! <3

I know we're still far off from an official Northern release, but seeing 1 of 7 felines implemented (which is arguably the hardest and the biggest one to implement as well) just fills me with joy! I can at least assure you that implementing the other felines won't be nearly as time consuming! I'll be back with more screenshots when Blair is officially implemented! Hopefully that is in a month! :3

For now, I am curious which of the six felines on Northern y'all are most excited about to encounter! Leave a vote below! :D 

This weekend, I have Luna's completed SFW art for all my Patrons $5 and up ready! Until then, stay safe! 


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