Feline Fantasies General Update September 2021 plus new poll!

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hello, guys. TAD here, back again, once again. It's the end of the month once more and I'm here to give y'all an update on things everything Feline Fantasies related! I also have a poll at the end, because I forgot one yesterday, so here we go!

For this month, Duchess' dialogue tree has been revised and edited! That means that her dialogue tree how it is right now will be final, much like with Puck, Blair and Luna. That means only Nala, Mittens and Esix to go!

Art wise, Blair's art has been created and completed. You can view her finished SFW and NSFW art on here if you are a Patron of mine with $5 and up!

Animation wise, the animations for the mining mini-game have been completed, meaning both the Magic Book and Mining mini-games are fully functional. Once the time is there, they just need to be implemented. Other mini-game animations are still being worked on.

Coding wise, we're still busy implementing Puck. The Feline Seduction mini-game and animations have been a bit of a challenge, but once that is in, Puck will mostly be functional. I expect her to be fully workable in two weeks from now. 

As it's looking, we're still on course for having Puck, Blair and Luna implemented at the end of the year. 

And that's it for the update for this month.

Now then, I still have a poll to ask y'all:

Which feline on Southern Ruby Island has the nicest ass?
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