Feline Fantasies general update July 2021.

[Retranscription from Patreon]

Hello guys, TAD here back again, once again! Today I wanted to go over our progress of the month July when it comes to working on Northern Ruby Island! :3

So far, we've worked on damage control for Southern, as the game had a couple of glitches that needed to be patched first. After that, my partner in crime, Side B, has begun working on the first dialogue tree, which is Medea and Gracie helping you cross to Northern.

As of right now, that scene is implemented, but needs some slight adjustments before it's all ready! Afterwards, it's onwards to Northern where we'll get our first encounter with Puck. That is our next goal to implement before we start working on the localization of the felines on Northern!

Furthermore, the scene with Gracie and Medea, Puck's first encounter scene, Puck's dialogue tree and Blair's dialogue tree have been reworked in their dialogue so it's all ready for implementation! :3

There's also been some activity in the mini-games development. Suirodnemsa, one of my Patrons, has offered to help out and has made a concept for the wave mini-game! It's good news, because if the mini-games can be developed alongside the dialogue trees, it'll reduce the progress of creating Northern significantly! 

Other than that, Puck's SFW art has been upgraded, and one of her NSFW arts have been completed. ^^

As it looks right now, we might make a lot of progress into implementing Puck next month! She's the biggest feline of them all, and once she's in, the other felines will take a lot less work. Also because when Puck is in, one of the new mini-games, Feline Seduction, will work as well! I expect Puck's new art to be all ready in August, but I can't guarantee if she'll be fully playable. I hope she will, but otherwise, we'll make that our goal for September! :3

I'll also start commissioning our animator for one of the new mini-games, which is the Magic Book mini-game! So those will be worked on as well! :3

As it is going right now, we'll be nicely on schedule! We may have Puck, Blair and Luna implemented at the start of December, meaning we'd be a month ahead of things! :D 

That's it for now, at least! I hope to see y'all again at the end of next month! For now, have a good weekend and stay safe! ^^


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